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March 17, 2021
Project Casa Nita
March 16, 2021

Project Belle Maison


Where Coziness Meets Artistry: Unveiling Project Belle Maison's Sanctuary

Project Belle Maison is dedicated to transforming a designated space into an inviting and cozy environment. By incorporating textured walls, plants, cozy furniture, and art, our aim is to achieve comfort, relaxation, and visual appeal. The project's goals include enhancing ambiance, harmoniously blending natural and artistic elements, and providing a tranquil sanctuary.



Success Metrics

The success of the Project Belle Maison was measured based on the following metrics:

  • Customer satisfaction: Feedback from clients and users on comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.
  • Increased dwell time: Observing the time spent by people in the space, indicating its appeal.
  • Improved ambiance:Assessing the overall atmosphere, warmth, and visual appeal.
  • Positive response to art: Evaluating the impact and appreciation of the chosen art pieces.

Key deliverables

  • Textured wall treatments: Applying finishes like faux brick, Venetian plaster, or stucco.
  • Plant selection and placement: Identifying suitable indoor plants and strategically positioning them.
  • Cozy furniture arrangement: Selecting comfortable and inviting furniture pieces for a functional seating area.
  • Art integration: Curating artwork that complements the space and enhances the desired ambiance.